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Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

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Countertop 1: Beat the egg whites hard with a pinch of salt. Add the sugar one at a time, mixing well after each one. Add water and oil, then the yolks one by one and mix slowly. Pour the flour in the rain and mix with a spoon with movements from bottom to top. Wallpaper a round tray (diameter 26 cm) with butter and discard the composition. Bake at 180 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. After baking, remove the top and leave to cool.

Countertop 2: Beat the egg whites hard with a pinch of salt. Add the sugar one at a time, mix well after each one then add the oil. The flour is mixed with ground walnuts then poured over the foam and homogenized with light movements. Discard the composition in the same tray that I used on the first counter. Bake for about 25-30 minutes. Remove and leave to cool.

Cream 1: In a saucepan put the whipped cream and the broken chocolate pieces, over low heat and stir continuously until the chocolate is completely melted. Refrigerate for at least an hour, then mix well until you get a fluffy cream.

Cream 2: Proceed in the same way as for cream 1, except that when you mix the cream, the rum essence is added.

Meanwhile, prepare a syrup of water, sugar and rum.

Cake assembly: The first countertop is cut in two. Place a part on a plate, syrup then grease with milk chocolate cream (keep 3-4 lg of cream), over it place the top with walnuts, syrup then grease with 2/3 of the chocolate cream with rom. Place the other half of the top on top, syrup then grease the cake with the preserved cream. It is decorated according to the imagination.

I used to decorate the two preserved creams and chocolate chip cookies.