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Chocolate toffee cake recipe

Chocolate toffee cake recipe

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A rich, gooey chocolate cake with bits of melted toffee throughout. Best if served warm with vanilla ice cream.

18 people made this

IngredientsServes: 12

  • 250g plain flour
  • 350g sugar
  • 2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 140g cooking chocolate, melted
  • 225ml strong filter coffee
  • 175ml soured cream
  • 4 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 400g dairy toffees
  • 4 tablespoons milk

MethodPrep:10min ›Cook:1hr ›Ready in:1hr10min

  1. Preheat oven to 180 C / Gas 4. Grease and flour a 23cm springform cake tin.
  2. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, bicarb and baking powder. Make a well in the centre, and pour in melted chocolate, coffee, soured cream and oil. Mix well, and spread into prepared cake tin.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven for 50 to 60 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes, then remove from cake tin.
  4. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine dairy toffees and milk. Heat in microwave until melted. Stir until smooth. With the handle of a wooden spoon, poke holes into the cake. Pour melted toffee mixture into holes. Allow to cool slightly before cutting, but serve warm.

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I am anxious to try this recipe. I have a much more basic recipe. It suggests you use a jar of carmel ice cream topping to pour over the top which might be easier.-17 Jan 2003


I make a similar version of this cake but I use a chocolate cake mix for the cake, top the poked hole cake with butterscotch (caramel) sauce (and sometimes sweetened condensed milk in addition to the butterscotch sauce), sprinkle it with Heath / Skor bits, and top the cooled cake with Cool Whip.-21 Jan 2005


Sinchy cake. Very easy to make. Check cake before the 50-60 minutes are up. My cake came out in 45 minutes. I used two 7 oz bags of Werther's Original Chewy Caramels. Took about three minutes to melt in the microwave. This is a VERY rich cake. I recommend Dryers Vanilla Bean Ice Cream to go with it. Yum! A little slice of this stuff goes a long way! Definitely better when warm.-17 Jan 2003

Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cake

Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cake – fudgy chocolate cake lightly spiced with cinnamon paired with crunchy toffee bits and silky smooth chocolate buttercream frosting. A new layer cake recipe by our contributor, Tessa Huff.

Winter always sneaks up on me. On the lucky days where the sun in shining bright, I tend to forget just how crisp and cold the outside air is here in Canada. We’ve lived up here for five years now, and with Thanksgiving in October, I feel like the holiday season gets extended… and I love it.

Before we dive straight into peppermint and eggnog everything, I wanted to create this subtly spiced, decadent cake. I’ve been craving cozy and the combination of chocolate, cinnamon, and toffee crunch in this recipe is like a giant hug – like cuddle under your thickest quilt with a warm hot chocolate kind of comfort. The piped knit details bring it all together.

The chocolate buttermilk cake doesn’t have a lot of rise but is so fudgy and moist. My new favorite. I love the crunchy element in the form of toffee that interrupts the smooth, silky chocolate buttercream. Chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream is underrated – every time I use it, I questions why I don’t smoother it on everything I bake. A bit of cinnamon sneaks into the different elements to add a bit of spice in each bite.


DO: Have fun and get creative!
DON’T: Drink a ton of coffee ahead of time
DO: Score lines with the edge of your offset spatula for straighter piping
DON’T: Stress too much if it’s not perfect
DO: Kneel or sit down so that you are eye level with the cake while piping
DO: Practice with different piping tips and patterns on a piece of parchment before piping on the cake

How to Make Chocolate Toffee Caramel Cake

Prepare the Cake Layers

First, you need to prepare the cake batter. You can bake the cake layers up to a week in advance and just freeze them in airtight ziplock bags. I actually prefer to do this because it’s easier to cut and frost chilled cakes.

To make the cake, preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease two 9-inch cake pans lined with parchment paper.

Whisk together the cocoa powder with boiling water to help yield that delicious deep chocolate flavor for the cake. Combine the wet ingredients together with a hand mixer, folding in the dry ingredients to combine. Mix in the cooled cocoa/water mixture. Mixture will be slightly runny.

Pour the batter into the prepared pans and sprinkle in chocolate chips.

Bake for 40-45 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in middle of cakes comes out clean. Cool on wire rack for 10 minutes before removing from pan. If freezing, allow to cool completely before placing in ziplock bags.

When the cakes are cooled, use a serrated knife to cut in half diagonally so you have four layers of cake. It is easier to cut if you chill the cakes slightly beforehand.

Prepare the Toppings

For the frosting, combine room temperature cream cheese and butter in a stand up mixer fitted with a paddle attachment and cream together for 3 minutes. My favorite stand up mixer for this job is the KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield – love that the shield saves me from getting powdered sugar all over the place (see next step!)

Add in the powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Mix on low for a minute until combined. Add in the vanilla and mix for another minute. Set aside.

Roughly chop up the Heath Bar and warm up the caramel sauce (lid off) until it is pourable.

Set aside toppings for cake assembly.

Assemble the Chocolate Toffee Caramel Cake

To assemble, place one of the top layers of the cake face down on the cake stand and press gently to flatten. Add 1/3rd of the container of caramel sauce and spread over the cake layer leaving a 1/2 inch border.

Add 1/3rd of the chopped Heath Bar.

Place a bottom layer of the cake on top of the Heath Bar and top with frosting.

Add on another bottom layer of the cake and top with 1/3rd of the caramel and 1/3rd of the chopped Heath Bar.

Finish with the top layer of the cake and frost the entire cake.

At this point, you could refrigerate the entire cake or, if serving soon, drizzle on the remaining caramel sauce and top with the remaining Heath Bar.

Cake Making Tips

  • Always use room temperature ingredients when baking. Doing so will yield a more consistent texture and fluffier cake.
  • Forgot to take your eggs out of the fridge? Soak them in warm water for 5 minutes to bring them to room temperature.
  • This cake is a great cake to start baking with! It is virtually fool proof and looks better in a more rustic state. Don’t worry about the cake layers being completely flat or the frosting going on perfectly. In my opinion, it looks better with texture and the caramel sauce and Heath Bar cover up any inconsistencies.
  • Not a fan of Heath Bar? Use whatever bar you like! This cake would be delicious with Butterfinger, M&M’s, or Whoppers.
  • Make-ahead chocolate cake: simply make the cake layers and cool them completely. Then wrap in plastic and place in an airtight ziplock bag. Freeze for up to a month or until ready to use. The cake is actually much easier to frost and put together when the layers are well chilled.
  • Drizzle on the caramel sauce topping when the cake is placed on it’s serving platter. Chocolate Toffee Caramel Cake looks so pretty when you can see the puddles of caramel sauce on the cake stand.

Hands down the most glorious and delicious chocolate cake you’ve ever had. Just look at the inside of this beauty.

So moist with crunchy bits of toffee! You are definitely going to want to make this Chocolate Toffee Caramel Cake for your next get together!

Coffee-Toffee Crunch Cake

Coffee is the best way to start the day, but it's also the best way to end the day&mdashin the form of dessert!

I wouldn&rsquot want to live in a world without coffee. or cake!

Cooking spray, for the pans

all-purpose flour, plus more for the pans

sticks salted butter, at room temperature

1-pound box powdered sugar

heavy cream, plus more if needed

chocolate-covered toffee bars

  1. For the cake: Preheat the oven to 350˚. Coat three 8-inch round cake pans with cooking spray and dust with flour. Line the bottom of each pan with a round of parchment paper. Whisk the granulated sugar, flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. Set aside.
  2. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Meanwhile, combine the instant coffee and boiling water in a medium bowl and stir to dissolve. Once the butter has melted, add the coffee mixture to the saucepan. Let it come to a boil for about 10 seconds, then remove from the heat and set aside.
  3. In a separate medium bowl, whisk the buttermilk, eggs and vanilla until well combined. Pour the butter-coffee mixture into the flour mixture and stir gently. Add the buttermilk-egg mixture and stir gently until well combined. Divide the batter among the prepared pans. Bake until a toothpick inserted into the centers comes out almost clean, 23 to 25 minutes. Allow the cakes to cool for 15 minutes in the pans on a rack, then remove the cakes from the pans, remove the parchment and let cool on the racks.
  4. For the frosting: Beat the butter in a large bowl with a mixer on high speed until light and fluffy, about 1 minute. Add the powdered sugar and salt and beat on low speed to incorporate. Stir the instant coffee into the heavy cream in a small bowl, then pour it into the mixer. Beat on low speed until combined, then beat on high speed until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes, adding a little more cream if needed to make the frosting spreadable.
  5. Assemble the cake: Finely chop 2 of the candy bars. Place 1 cake layer on a cake stand or plate. Spread 1 cup frosting on top and sprinkle with half of the chopped candy. Top with another cake layer, more frosting and the rest of the chopped candy, then top with the final cake layer. Spread the remaining frosting all over the top and sides of the cake. Roughly chop the remaining 2 candy bars and sprinkle around the edge of the cake.


  • 250g pitted medjool dates, chopped
  • ½ level tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 300g self-raising flour
  • 4 tbsp cocoa
  • 250g light muscovado sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 175g unsalted butter, softened
  • 4 large eggs
  • 6 tbsp milk
  • 60g unsalted butter
  • 175g light muscovado sugar
  • 300ml carton whipping cream
  • Few drops vanilla extract
  • You will also need:
  • 23cm round spring-clip tin, buttered and base-lined with baking parchment

Incredible Heath Bar Cake Recipe

I&rsquom not a really big fan of cake, so it has to be really good for me to enjoy it. I just about have to tape the refrigerator door closed to stop me from eating this one. It&rsquos that good! The caramel sauce sinks down into the cake and makes it all gooey and moist. And the toffee chips on top are so, so yummy.

My kids call this chocolate caramel toffee cake, and I think of it as &ldquothat evil cake&rdquo, because when it calls to me I cannot resist it. Whatever you call it, it is sinfully good!


The young men and women from my church had an Etiquette dinner last night. My husband works with the 14 & 15 year old boys, and it was their job to make the dessert. So a few of them came over to my house ahead of time and made this incredible cake.

We have a bunch of amazing youth in our area, so I actually enjoyed it. Really. I was told when the dinner was over that it was the hit of the night. So if a bunch of teenage boys can make this cake, I guarantee that it will work for you.


  • chocolate cake mix (I prefer Duncan Hines, but really, any brand will work for this cake.)
  • oil (I use vegetable oil, but any oil that is liquid at room temperature will work.)
  • eggs (I always use large eggs my recipes.)
  • water
  • sweetened condensed milk (not to be confused with evaporated milk!)
  • caramel ice cream topping. (Homemade caramel sauce makes this cake extra yummy, but you can use store bought if you prefer.)
  • heavy cream (Most versions of this cake call for Cool Whip, but trust me, fresh whipped cream tastes so much better!)
  • powdered sugar (for sweetening the whipped cream)
  • vanilla extract (A splash added to the whipped cream also adds a punch of flavor.)
  • Heath bars (You can also use Skor bars, or chocolate covered Heath baking bits.)

CAKE: Prepare your chocolate cake in a 9×13&Prime pan. I like to use a Duncan Hines cake mix, but you can use your favorite brand, or even make your cake from scratch.

POKE HOLES: While the cake is till hot, poke holes all over it. I like to use the handle of a wooden spoon. Make the holes deep, but try to avoid going all the way to the bottom, or the sauce pools at the bottom of the cake.

ADD SAUCE: Slowly pour the sweetened condensed milk and caramel over the cake, trying to get most of it into the holes. Also pay attention to the edges of the cake that tend to be more dry. Make sure you pour some sauce there!

TOFFEE BITS: I prefer to crush my own candy bars because the baking bits have a little more dust than I like. I just leave them in the wrapper and pound them with my rolling pin.

This recipe is different then some, because I like to add a thin layer of crushed heath bars under the whipped cream. They melt a little into the cake, and it is just another depth of flavor that is so yummy!

Let the cake cool, then cover it with plastic wrap and chill it for at least an hour. It is even better if you let it chill overnight.

WHIPPED CREAM: Most recipes for this &ldquobetter than everything&rdquo cake call for Cool Whip. I&rsquom not a big fan of the chemical ridden stuff. Fresh tastes so much better! Of course, if you want to use store bought whipped topping I won&rsquot judge. But I really think it&rsquos worth the extra few minutes to make your own.

For best results, make sure your bowl, beaters, and cream are all chilled. Beat with a hand mixer (or Kitchenaid) until soft peaks form. Add a bit of powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla. Mmm, mmm, good.

Spread the whipped cream over the cake.

SERVE: You can either chill the cake with the whipped cream, or add the toffee bits and serve immediately. The beauty of this cake is that you serve it straight from the pan. So easy!


If you have any leftovers, cover the cake with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator. It will last for 5-6 days, and it seems to get even more moist the longer you chill it. The crushed Heath bits do tend to soften up though. If I know we won&rsquot finish the cake, I just add the toffee to the top of individual slices.

Sticky Toffee Cake:

This post is sponsored by Enstrom Candies. As always, all opinions are my own.

As you know, the holiday season is one of my favorite times to be in the kitchen. I so enjoy creating goodies for snacking during seasonal get-togethers.

Because the holidays seem to go by too quickly, I do whatever I can to savor the season and make every special moment last as long as possible.

That&rsquos why today, I&rsquom sharing this recipe for Sticky Toffee Cake. I was inspired to make it after sampling Enstrom Candies Chocolate Almond Toffee. Their toffee is handcrafted in small batches and has become one of my favorites.

To capture the flavors of the delicious Enstrom Candies, I used a couple of their artisan products in this recipe.

A generous sprinkling of their versatile Toffee Crumbs was the crowning touch on the cake, and a piece of their Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee garnished the plated dessert. It looks decadent AND beautiful, doesn&rsquot it?

For the base cake, you’ll be jazzing up a boxed mix by adding chocolate milk, butter, eggs, sour cream, pudding mix and chocolate chips. That’s going to give you a very chocolatey bundt cake!

Next, it’s time to add the toppings, which involves quite a few things. Remember- it’s going to be overloaded with goodies. Read on!

A chocolate ganache comes first. It’s a simple mix of chocolate chips and cream.

The chocolate ganache glaze is drizzled on top of the cooled cake.

Then comes a little bit of caramel. That’s drizzled right on top of the chocolate glaze.

Finally, you’ll add some toffee bits and chopped Snickers candy bars.

You can get creative here and substitute the final touches with whatever candies you prefer. Use candies with chocolate in them since you still want to make it a Chocolate Wasted Cake!

It’s time to slice and eat. Since this cake is most definitely over-the-top, it makes a fabulous birthday cake. A little slice will be plenty to enjoy, and serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is a good idea since the chocolate will be very rich. Enjoy!

Toffee Chocolate Cake Balls

Cake balls are all the rage right now. I am amazed by all of the elaborate cake balls and cake pops I see on Pinterest. Some of them are so darn cute I don&rsquot know how people can possibly eat them. 🙂 I love coming up with cute versions, but sometimes I&rsquom just in the mood for something a little more quick and easy.

I have professed my love of toffee in the past. I decided to add some toffee to my favorite cake ball recipe to see how it turned out. It was a huge success! On the first day the toffee bits on the inside are nice and crunchy. By the second day they start melting into little ooey gooey bits of toffee yumminess. I can&rsquot even say which way is my favorite, I loved them both!

If you&rsquove never made cake balls before, you should really give them a try. It takes a little bit of time to do the dipping, but really they are very easy. And people just love them! I think they would be perfect for Valentine&rsquos Day, which is right around the corner. I might even have to make some to give to myself. 😉

Chocolate Coffee Cake Recipe

This Chocolate Coffee Cake is moist, rich, and creamy. Intense chocolate and coffee taste. 4 coffee-infused chocolate cake layers frosted with coffee cream frosting and topped with chocolate ganache.

The base of this cake are the chocolate coffee cake layers. Cocoa and espresso powder, as well as added hot coffee, guarantee a deep and strong taste of chocolate and coffee.

The soft and moist cake layers are frosted with a coffee mascarpone cream. A mascarpone cream is lighter than buttercream, and its taste fits perfectly with the coffee taste. The coffee cream tastes like a latte.

The chocolate glaze is on top is like the cherry on top of a super delicious milkshake. It brings the cake to the next level.

The cake is quick to make. Stir together flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, salt, and espresso powder. In another large bowl, mix oil, eggs, vanilla, and buttermilk. Then stir in dry ingredients. In the end, slowly add hot coffee.

Then divide into two 8“ round cake pans equally and bake.

The easiest way to remove the baked cake from cake pans is to line the bottom and the sides with parchment paper rather than spray them with baking spray.

Therefore, cut out a circle for the bottom of the pan and strips for the sides. After the baked cake has cooled down, invert the pan onto your hand and transfer to a cooling rack. Top up and bottom down. I remove the paper just before I assemble the cake.

When you add a small amount of espresso powder to the cake, it normally doesn’t taste like coffee rather than enhances and deepens the chocolate taste in the cake.

That’s the reason why there is also 1 cup of hot coffee in the cake to bring a strong coffee taste into the cake.

The texture of the cake is just perfect! Seriously. It is the best texture of all cakes, I've ever had. Super moist, soft, and rich.

The inspiration for this frosting is from a coffee tiramisu I made for my mother recently. Starting from this recipe, I tweaked it a bit on the ingredients because I didn’t want to add raw eggs to the frosting. I replaced the eggs with heavy cream.

It’s super creamy, and the flavors support each other perfectly that the coffee is the star.

The cake is also for non-frequent-coffee-drinker like I am a hit! I don’t drink coffee regularly. Almost never. But this cake is just so well balanced that it has been a huge hit with non-coffee drinkers as well.

That chocolate ganache is crazy good! It is very easy to make with just 3 ingredients.

I encourage you to take high-quality chocolate for the ganache. The taste of the chocolate has a huge impact on the taste. The better the chocolate, the better the ganache.

Chop chocolate finely and place it in a heat-proof bowl. In another heat-proof bowl combine heavy cream and light corn syrup and microwave until very hot and almost boiling.

Then pour the hot cream mixture over the chocolate and let stand 2 minutes. Stir until combined and smooth.

Let the chocolate stand for about 10-15 minutes that it can cool down and firms up before pouring over the cake.

The longer the glaze stands, the more firm it gets. As you can see on the thick drips around this cake, I let my glaze stand a few minutes longer. When you google chocolate drip cake, you will see that most of the cake designers have small and accurate drips around their cakes compared to mine.

It's up to you. Design your cake how you love it. Test the consistency of your glaze down the sides of a bowl and spoon it on top of the cake when it has reached the desired consistency. If it is already too firm, re-warm it a few seconds in the microwave.

Remove cake from the refrigerator and spoon the glaze on top of the cold cake. Start with the sides and spoon the glaze around the edges that it drips down the sides. Do this little by little. One drip after another.

Then spoon the rest of the glaze on top of the cake and level with an offset spatula.

Watch the video: ചകലററ ടഫനടസ കകകChocolate Toffee Nuts Cake recipe Malayalamsanus world (July 2022).


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