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If we have the dough prepared in advance it is much easier, if not orcium is a quick cream ... harder with waiting, it will have to cool well :)


Divide the piece of dough in half and spread two sheets as thin as the tray.

Bake the sheets until nicely browned at 200 degrees.


Put the milk on the fire with the sugar and vanilla.

Mix eggs with a cup of cold milk (total) and flour, I turned on the foot mixer, so I got a fine cream without lumps.

When the milk has boiled, pour the egg mixture into a thin thread and mix well. Keep the cream on low heat, stirring constantly for about 12 minutes (be careful not to stick to the bottom of the bowl)

Put a sheet of dough at the base of the tray, on top of the cream and cover again with foil. Let the cake cool. I left the cream in the fridge all night.

When it has cooled, portion and powder with vanilla powdered sugar.

It's great!

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