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Häagen-Dazs Releases Flower Flavors

Häagen-Dazs Releases Flower Flavors

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Rose and cherry blossom flavors announced for anniversary

Häagen-Dazs is celebrating 30 years in Japan with two flower-flavored ice creams.

Among the ice cream brands in the grocery freezer, Häagen-Dazs trades more on a reputation for quality and deliciousness than bizarre or headline-making flavor combinations. But that doesn't mean they can't have a little fun once in a while. To commemorate the brand's 30th anniversary in Japan, its customers in Japan will get to celebrate with two special new flower flavors: Rose and Cherry Blossom.

According to Japan Today: "These new flavors, of course, make perfect sense flowers are ubiquitously present at celebrations, plus they make the packaging look pretty. Also, apparently flowers taste good."

Rose petals and cherry blossoms are both edible and impart a sweet, floral fragrance to food. Of course, the packaging is where the special flavors really win out. Both come in cute pink and white containers printed with either pink rose petals or cherry blossoms. The two flavors come slathered in either plum sauce or cherry and cherry blossom sauce. The company says they will both go on sale in Japan on February 3, 2014, and they sound like a pretty good way to celebrate spring.

The flower-flavored ice creams have not been announced for the U.S. market, but check out some of our best flower recipes for some interesting ways to incorporate florals into your diet.

Häagen-Dazs Has Released Cherry Blossom Ice Cream for Valentine&rsquos Day

Though Valentine’s Day is ostensibly about love or whatever, plenty of people are happy to just use the holiday as an excuse to indulge in chocolate and other sweets. And this year, lovers of sugar in the United Kingdom have gotten a special Valentine’s treat courtesy of H๊gen-Dazs: The pint-sized ice cream brand is releasing a limited-edition Cherry Blossom ice cream across the pond complete with an amorous pink color.

According to the originally Bronx, New York-based ice cream brand, this Cherry Blossom variety gets its flavor and colors from sakura extract, cherry blossom flowers and a swirl of cherry sauce. Additionally, the packaging features a colorful and eye-popping floral pattern from British designer Kitty McCall to make it extra alluring in the spirit of the holiday.

“The launch of Cherry Blossom is timed to capitalize on Valentine’s Day and, with its romantic pink hue and floral packaging, it will have great on shelf standout in store,” Arjoon Bose, head of marketing for H๊gen-Dazs, was quoted as saying. Despite that “in store” comment, however, KamCity reports that the while-supplies-last offering is available exclusively from British online retailer Ocado.

For iced tea that you can drink right away, choose this method. It starts out just like making hot tea, but the difference is that the hot brew will be twice as strong. Steep the tea bags in boiling or almost boiling water for three to five minutes, depending on box recommendations. Strain or remove the tea bag. Add an equal amount of cold water to this hot tea concentrate to cool it down, then serve immediately over ice or chill in the refrigerator until ready to drink.

Pro Tip: To prevent cloudy iced tea, make sure that the hot tea mixture is cooled to room temperature before refrigerating.

Rhubarb Crumble w/ Toasted Anise

Sweet tart rhubarb jam, made with a hint of orange juice and cinnamon, and a homemade anise (think mild and sweet black licorice) crumble layered into classic vanilla ice cream.

Jasmine Milk Tea & Chocolate

Red Blossom’s Spring Jasmine Maofeng tea (hand-picked early harvest green tea buds that are covered in a blanket of fresh jasmine blossoms) is responsible for this beautiful, delicate ice cream, which we drizzle with almond stracciatella.

Mathilde's Hibiscus & Coconut Sherbet (v)

After a successful run at Portland Mercado, Mathilde is on a mission to showcase the richness and beauty of Haiti through a different lens. She’s turned Haiti’s national flower, the hibiscus, into a punchy ginger brew. Here, we simply add coconut cream, then churn it into a bright, tropical sherbet.

Big Ice Cream Goes Vegan

Häagen-Dazs is one among several major ice cream brands that have recently decided to start offering dairy-free ice cream. Earlier this year, Ben & Jerry’s added two new flavors to its non-dairy ice cream line, bringing the total number of vegan flavors up to nine. Meanwhile. low-calorie ice cream brand Halo Top now offers 14 unique vegan flavors.

Companies are likely responding to the growing demand for plant-based ice cream among consumers. Last year, a report by Future Market Insights predicted that the American plant-based ice cream market would reach $1 billion by 2027. The sector is expected to grow at high rates until then.

Other countries are not being left out of the picture. Last year, Ben & Jerry’s finally announced that its vegan ice cream range would debut in the UK, adding to the growing number of vegan options available overseas. Future Market Insights also predicted that the global vegan ice cream market is set to grow to $2.45 billion over the next decade.

10 Best Edible Flowers

Cooking with edible flowers is back. Not that it ever really went to seed, mind you. In fact, the practice has been around since the days of Julius Caesar.

Fast forward almost two thousand years to the blossom-loving reign of Queen Victoria and the flower-power days of the &apos60s, and you&aposll see that fleurs have been a perennial gastronomic delight for ages. Gelatin-encased pansies, anyone? Here, in time for your spring and summer parties, is our A-to-Z guide to the 10 best edible florets. Whether sprinkled on a salad, incorporated into a cocktail or ice cubes, or candied for a cake, these blooms promise to add an ambrosial touch to your seasonal entertaining.

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These beautiful blue, star-shaped flowers from the borage plant taste a bit like cucumber, which is why they&aposve been used in salads like this one since The Elizabethan Age. They are also delicious in lemonade and refreshing cocktails like Pimm&aposs Cupਊnd gin and tonic.

Häagen-Dazs Releases Four New Vegan Ice Cream Flavors

Global ice-cream company Häagen-Dazs has launched four vegan flavors.

While the packaging fails to sport the v-word, ingredient listings do not contain any animal products, according to cult site Vegansaurus.


The range includes Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, Coconut Caramel, Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle, and Mocha Chocolate Cookie.

According to the brand: “At Häagen-Dazs, we believe there’s no room for compromise.

“So while most non-dairy options simply start by substituting soy, almond or cashew milk, every flavor in our new collection begins with a core ingredient, like real pieces of Belgian chocolate, actual peanut butter, or real coconut cream.”


So far the flavors only seem to be available in the US, in Target stores.

Plant Based News has contacted Haagen Dazs to find out whether the flavors will launch in the UK and rest of Europe.


'We need bees': Häagen‐Dazs displays bee-friendly seal on ice cream flavors with almonds

"We need bees,"​ states The Xerces Society on its website​.

Without a healthy, thriving population of bees and other pollinating insect species, many of the world's most popular foods (e.g. almonds, coconuts, apples, blueberries, carrots, citrus, soybeans) are put at risk. About one-third of the food we eat depends on pollination from insects (honey bees, native bees, beetles, butterflies, flies, moths, and wasps), yet pollinator populations have been in state of decline over the past decade dude to habitat loss, disease, pesticide use, and climate change, notes Xerces.

Beginning around 2016, beekeepers started reporting above-average bee deaths, a phenomenon dubbed the 'colony collapse disorder' at the time. More than ten years later, conditions are looking better for pollinator species due to industry efforts, according to Cady Behles, innovation manager at Häagen‐Dazs, told FoodNavigator-USA.

"There's a lot more awareness and resources put towards it than there was ten years ago,"​ Behles told FoodNavigator-USA.

The Xerces Society developed a comprehensive set of ​production standards such as creating flower-rich habitat and nesting locations for pollinators The Xerces Society and Häagen‐Dazs have worked together to engage almond growers throughout California over the past four years or so to implement bee-friendly habitats. In 2016, Häagen‐Dazs installed a 6.5‐mile flowering permanent hedgerow at its almond supplier’s farm, creating a year‐round habitat for pollinators and other types of wildlife. The ice cream brand has also donate a little over $1m over the past decade to support research and education around the important role bees play in our food supply.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Nutritional facts

Nutritional information

Amount per serving
Serving size: 1
Calories: 250

Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Please refer to the label on your product for the most accurate nutrition, ingredient and allergen information.

Total fat 17 (g) 26 %
Saturated fat 10 (g) 50 %
Trans fat 0.5 (g)
Cholesterol 90 (mg) 30 %
Sodium 65 (mg) 3 %
Total carbohydrate 21 (g) 7 %
Dietary fiber (g)
Sugar 20 (g)
Protein 4(g)

Ingredients: cream, skim milk, cane sugar, egg yolks, vanilla extract. Contains: milk and egg ingredients.

See more gluten free and no GMO options


Double Up with Fresh and Dried Flowers

Get the recipe for vegan botanical tamales here.

Combining both fresh and dried flowers in a single dish is a great way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to potency and visual appeal, as seen in Stern’s eye-catching floral tamales. “LA is completely tamale-central,” she says. After enjoying a batch of locally made tamales with friends and family around the holidays, she decided to put her own botanical spin on the beloved Mexican dish. For a pretty, painted effect, she lined the corn husks with fresh pansies, sunflower petals, and herbs to accommodate her vegan boyfriend, she swapped out the traditional lard in the masa for olive oil and then developed a spicy vegan filling using shredded jackfruit. A pork carnitas recipe she was riffing on called for a splash of red wine, which she replaced with dried hibiscus tea for its similar tint and acidity.

The vibrant fresh flowers in the tamales retain their color even after cooking, freezing, and reheating, making this recipe especially well-suited to batching up and gifting around the spring holidays.

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