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The Food Almanac, March 28

The Food Almanac, March 28

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Get your day off to an appetizing start with food facts and trivia from Tom Fitzmorris.

In The Food Almanac, Tom Fitzmorris of the online newsletter, The New Orleans Menu notes food facts and sayings.

Great American Brewers
Now here's an odd coincidence: August Anheuser Busch Jr., the long-time boss of Budweiser, was born today in 1899. And Frederick Pabst, for whom that brand of American beer is named, was also born on this date, in 1836.

Food Inventions
Victor Mills was born today in 1897. He lived to be 101, which gave him time to achieve several major advances in the food world. His method of milling flour for cake mix made Duncan Hines into the country's dominant cake mix brand. He figured out a way of keeping the oil in peanut butter from separating out — and Jif was born. Then he devised the method of stacking potato chips that led to Pringles. He also worked on the other end: he created Pampers.

Deft Dining Rule #7
All other things being equal, a new pleasure beats the repetition of an old one.

Eating Around The World
Today in 1930, Turkish authorities changed the name of Constantinople to Istanbul. In the same stroke, they changed the name of bean dip to hummus.

The Old Kitchen Sage Sez
Add what seems like the right amount of lemon juice to your hummus recipe, then add that much again. It strikes flavor-heightening battle with the bitterness of the garlic and the chickpeas.

Eating Calendar
Today is Black Forest Cake Day. Its German name is Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, which tells us (if you understand German) that it's made with black cherries and kirsch, a cherry brandy. That's sandwiched between layers of light (in both texture and flavor) chocolate cake. The layers are separated and topped with whipped cream with a bit of kirsch, sliced fresh cherries, and lots of chocolate shavings. Black Forest Cake is most commonly found in hotels with large pastry departments full of Europeans. And German restaurants, of course.

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